Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Professional Development Grant

Engineering is Elementary

I need to attend the EiE Teacher Educator Institute. It will help me develop a deeper understanding and pedagogy of the EiE curriculum and gain foundational knowledge of STEM and the engineering design process.

My Students

We are one of the largest campuses in our district, which provides unique challenges in meeting the specific needs of all students.
Additionally, we are a full Title I campus with a vibrant bilingual program.
With 60% of our population on Free and Reduced lunch, we are faced with obstacles that require us to advocate passionately for our students. Many of our students have gaps in learning and background experiences which translate into a significant disadvantage when it comes to academic performance and eventually can lead to higher drop-out rates.
We aspire to level the playing field for all of our students. Global trends are heading toward the areas of math, science and engineering, but our students are less and less likely to pursue these subjects after elementary school. We want to give them opportunities that they never thought possible.

My Project

I am requesting funding to attend the EiE Teacher Educator Institute at the Museum of Science in Boston. These workshops are hands-on and learner driven. From attending, I will develop a deeper understanding of the pedagogy and structure of the EiE curriculum, and I'll take away a large collection of valuable resources to help me facilitate my own EiE workshops for my campus.
The EiE curriculum has been proven effective for improving student learning of science concepts required to understand the problems and processes of engineering.
This Institute will allow me to gain foundational knowledge of technology, engineering, and the engineering design process.
The Teacher Educator Institute will prepare me to facilitate immersive, active EiE workshops for teachers both on my campus and in my district.

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