Monday, August 22, 2016

Christie Teacher Olympics 2016

Who doesn't love the Olympics? The world's best and finest on display for all of the world to see? Well, we believe we have some of the best and finest teachers around, so we wanted to give them a chance to show off their teaching abilities in a super competitive team sport way. What better way than TEACHER OLYMPICS? So during the week before school started we created a variety of events that teams of teachers would compete in. Those events included: Synchronized stapling, Sharpened pencil relays, Carpool karaoke, and finally a relay where teams had to collate a packet, color a page, cut out a design and finally unscramble letters for a bulletin board. Here are the slides to the events.
 Teacher Olympics

So here's what we learned: 
  1. Teachers are super competitive. Even when sharpening pencils.
  2. We needed team building activities to bring us together as a staff.
  3. Administrators lead by example. Our principal was in there, stapling, karaoking and collating packets with the rest of them. It really set the tone.
  4. Work hard. Play hard. 
  5. Our teachers are olympians in their own right!
So here are some of the events:

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