Thursday, March 10, 2016

From Unicorn Hair Do-er to Police Officer

 My 4 year old daughter who lives and breathes princesses, rainbows and unicorns had money to spend on a toy today. This is the same little girl seen here describing what she wants to be when she grows up...
So you can only imagine my shock, surprise, and joy when she told me today that she wanted to be just like Judy Hopps and be a police officer when she grew up. She wanted police stuff so she could dress up and catch "bandits" as she called them. So I did what any other elated parent that now had a child with an actual real life goal does- I took her to the toy store. Today was going to be the day my little fairy princess graduated from simply wanting to be a unicorn hair-do-er to a police officer! Yet, things took an unexpected and horrible turn for the worst as we went down aisle after aisle. Now remember, we were looking for police costume things, things that now I know do not exist on the girls side as my 4 year old called it. Aisle after aisle was clearly labeled for this little one who doesn't read. "This is the girl barbie aisle. This is the baby toy aisle. This is the girl cooking aisle. This is the girl jewelry making aisle. That is the boy star wars aisle. That is the boy nerf gun aisle. Oh mom look! They have pink girl nerf darts!" It went on and on. The movie we just watched, "Zootopia", figures and stuffed animals were on a "boy" aisle next to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sponge Bob stuff. We finally found the police officer stuff. My daughter stood there gazing at the costume complete with badge, hand cuffs, and walkie talkie, but I immediately knew we wouldn't be getting that costume today. Nope. It was wedged between the ninja costume and various swords and weapons. Every picture was that of a boy wearing the costumes. I watched as what was once excitement, quickly turned to disappointment. The toy store seemed to be telling my daughter that this stuff wasn't for her, it was for boys. As much as I tried to persuade her, the damage had been done. We walked out of the toy store that day with a barbie.
I know Target removed their labels for the aisles as being gender specific but more has to be done and others need to do the same. We have to be more proactive. Don't the #KidsDeserveIt?
I think this article has some great points. More needs to be done

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