Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Catapult Design Challenge

So we ended our semester with another School wide Design Challenge. This time we focused on catapults by looking at the history of catapults and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math behind them as well.
Science: forces, simple machines, energy transfer
Technology: using what we know about forces, simple machines and energy to build and design a tool that meets the challenge
Engineering: design, build, and test your ideas
Math: measurement, averages, accuracy
The students were fully engaged in this challenge. They made their lists and checked them twice of what materials they would use and went through the Engineering Design Process like pros! It was truly amazing to see. Some classes even implemented a budget where students had to pay for their materials and stay within a certain amount or other constraints. Some of our blueprints and designs are displayed in our Inventor's Exhibit in the Learning Commons! The levels of engagement were truly awesome. Can't wait to launch into the new year with a new challenge!

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